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New ownership, and New management

Same look different people laughing

Ann Arbor Yellow Cab is now under new ownership and management.

The new Ann Arbor Yellow Cab number is
Let me introduce myself my name is Merlyn Wade, and I am the owner of Ann Arbor Cab as well as Ann Arbor Yellow Cab. I have been involved in the transportation industry for over thirty years starting originally with Checker Cab in Detroit back in the late 80s. I have always had a love for the transportation industry. Seeing the damage that ride sharing has done to the existing transportation industry since its original on set in Ann Arbor 4 years ago, I have slowly watched people who have practiced this trade for their entire lives lose their livelyhoods.
As the owner of this company I originally started in this business as only a driver. I have a great love for the history of this business and the services they provide to the community and to the people involved in providing that service. Ann Arbor Yellow Cab has had a long rich history in this community. It has saddened me for very long time to see such a great company with great drivers, and great customers vanish so undeservedly. I will always consider Yellow Cab an essential part of the Ann Arbor community when it comes to the transportation industry. I'm proud to be a part of this process of revitalizing this company and putting it back into service to help the community get to and from where they need whether be a short distance or to the airport. We appreciate your business and thank you.
Ann Arbor Cab

Ann Arbor Yellow Cab